Product Type Wireless Alarm System
Name Wireless Alarm S4 Combo
Brand eTIGER
Model S4 Combo Secual
Price $450.00
Warranty 12 Months

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Description :

S4 Combo Secual | Wireless Alarm System Kit
Landline PSTN / GSM Alarm System

Protecting your home when you’re away has never been this easy with wireless alarm system. Stay in contact with your home at all time: the whole alarm system can be controlled from distance on your phone, wherever you are.

Features :

  • GSM/PSTN two network
  • Supports up to 30 remote controls, 50 wireless accessories and 50 RFID tags,
  • 10 sensors can be rename, 4 RFID reading tag can be renamed
  • Can store up to 5 phone numbers, 5 SMS numbers, and 2 CMS numbers 
  • Arm / disarm the system by SMS, phone call, or App (on iOS or Android)
  • Can be disarmed by RFID tag
  • Built-in siren (100dB) and call function from the panel
  • SMS alerts for power failure, power recovery and low battery
  • Audio surveillance of the site from distance
  • 2 x 800mAh lithium batteries included (8h battery life in standby mode)

Phone Numbers Supported

5 phone numbers (including one for speed dialling)
+ 5 SMS numbers (including one for RFID tag notifications)
+ 2 CMS numbers (for systems connected to a Central Monitoring System)

Specifications : 

  • GSM Frequency : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
  • Radio frequency : 433MHz (±75KHz)
  • Accessories supported up to 30 remote controls, 50 wireless accessories and 50 RFID tags